Thursday, 6 December 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 7

Today started as a tough emotional day, but as I think of my gratitude for the day, I am lifted in spirits. We all have those kinds of days and I allow myself to have them as a lot of healing can happen through grief. I am thankful though that it usually doesn't last long as I am finding it easier to find the things to be grateful for each day.

So you ready for day 7? I have been enjoying your emails you have been sharing with me. Keep it up. Here is Gratitude Challenge Day 7 (click).

At first I was hearing a lot of agitation with people and not a lot of thankfulness. I was one of them. But then as I started to change my own feelings and thinking of what I was thankful for, I began to hear it. 

I heard thanks come from friends on social media for sharing ideas, contacts and a joke here and there. I heard a woman giving thanks to a man who held the door open. I heard children saying thanks to each other. And I heard thanks given to teachers, professionals for advice, mentorship. And last night, while meeting new people doing great things, give thanks for the hard work, passing of a business card and giving gratitude for doing what they are doing. Was great to hear it from other people.

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