Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 6

Have you started feeling more grateful during the day. To see the great things that are going on around you? It is becoming easier to feel that gratitude isn't it? It is a mild day today, dampness in the air, with a slight breeze that allows the geese to glide into their V-formation. I will look forward to watching the birds dance and sing at my sit spot today.

Here is Gratitude Challenge Day 6 (click). Look forward to getting back together with you all.

Today, I felt humbled as I walked through the fields, mud clinging to my boots and each step getting heavier and heavier. I thought of the animals and how they do it, how do they go through the mud and not get it caked on their paws and hooves. So then I gave thanks to the weather today. Thanks for showing me how easy I have it, that I can stay in my house when the weather isn't nice and stay warm and dry. And that the animals endure the storms, the cold and the rain. 

As I sat under my spruce tree, I was thankful for the full branches as they kept most of the rain off me. Then I watched the geese fly by, appreciating the honking to each other, like they are building each other's spirits to keep going. Then a smaller bird with faster wings flapping sped by and noticed the ducks have migrated in for a stop over to our pond. How do they all fit on this little pond? As I watched them fly faster than the geese, I enjoyed watching them all fly together, like dancing in the sky. 

And one last thanks I would like to share. And that is to the rain. Many people don't appreciate the rain, but I am thankful for it fills our ponds, our aquifers and rivers so that our overwintering friends will be protected during the cold freezing winter months. So thank you. 

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