Saturday, 8 December 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 10

This challenge is I feel difficult, because you have to look inward at yourself. Sometimes that can be scarey. And were we not taught not to me high on ourselves? Well, sometimes I think we need to be more high on ourselves and give ourselves more credit.

So have fun with it, here is Gratitude Challenge Day 10 (click).

Wow, this was hard at first, but then it really flowed. I guess doing this a few times in the last year has taught me how to look inward. So here it goes. 

I am thankful for my tenacity. I do not give up easily and if I believe in something, I will never give up. I keep going until I find the answer/solution or achieve it. I also love my playfulness. It really brings joy to myself, especially now I do not have a problem with looking silly, being silly or acting silly. It is quite freeing. I like that I am complex too, I feel I have a foot in both worlds, the Western and the Natural.  I am also grateful for all the lessons I have learned this year, I have done a lot of growth and love the person I am. And I am thankful for loving people so easily and getting them out into nature and have fun.

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