Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 13

When I first started my Kamana (a home study of the natural world), giving thanks in this way was very new to me. And to incorporate it into your life was something I have heard before, but this took it to a deeper level. For me anyway.

Today, look at the list and give thanks to each one. You have been practicing giving thanks for almost 2 weeks now. It comes easy for me.

Here is Gratitude Challenge Day 13 (click) - enjoy!

Thank you to all the people who are in my life, who support me, cheer me up when I need it and give me hugs when they greet me. For their honesty, their mentoring and guidance and to my ancestors who have paved the way for me to be who I am today. To guide me still from the world of mystery between life and death.
Thank you earth, for providing us structure and weather and seasons and day and night. To unify us all together
Thank you Water for quenching our thirst every day, and to bring the lushness to the world when you fall from the sky.
Thank you plants, for providing us with many different kinds of food, flowers to gaze upon and grasses to lay upon.
Thank you animals, for showing us how we can do things better, with grace and honour. And for providing us with food to eat to sustain our own lives.
Thank you Trees for providing us the oxygen we breath, for giving us shade and fun through climbing.
Thank you birds, for your beauty of flight thrills me deep and to hear your songs warms my heart.
Thank you wind, for you spread seeds and bring weather around the world, and allow us to fly kites and bond with our families.
Thank you weather, rain and clouds, for you bring nourishment with you and show us the power in nature
Thank you moon, when you are full you give power and light to those at night. And guide us in the darkness.
Thank you sun, for you warm our earth and bodies, allowing many chemical reactions to occur in all life. You also offer beautiful sunrises and sun sets.
Thank you stars for offing stories from the past, to helping us navigate and to ignite imagination in wishes and dreams.
Thank you to creativity in our lives, without it we would never have music, art, and stories. Through all of this we are individuals that have beautiful things to share.
Thank you to the Universe & The Future Generations, for the world is open to all and that our future generations will carry on our own legacies and hope we do a good job for you. 

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