Sunday, 2 December 2012

Gratitude Challenge Day 4

How is it going? Are you feeling good? I am always surprised by some of the feelings that are provoked when I sit and give thanks to various things. Yesterday was a surprise for me. For today, take 10 minutes and enjoy today Gratitude Challenge (click). Enjoy.

Today on my way to my sit spot, I noticed new holes from an animal. I wondered who made them and looked for tracks. Gave thanks to my eyes for observing it and look forward to figuring out the hole mystery. As I walked closer to my sit spot. I felt a sudden urge of excitement. A feeling of giddy and joy welled up inside of me. Not sure where it came from, but I acknowledged it and let it flow through me. It was a wonderful feeling. As I scanned the forest before I walked in as I always do, there was a scent in the air that was new. It smelled musty and I thought perhaps the coyote is near by, or was earlier today. It made my senses sharper as I tried to see what other scents I could smell, but that was the most powerful one. 

As I settled in to my spot under a spruce tree, I closed my eyes. I could hear the geese honking away and flying. I heard the jay with their "jay, jay" call and in the far distance to the NW of me, I could faintly hear the red tailed hawk. I kept my eyes closed and gave thanks for all I could sense, feel, smell and hear. Then I fell asleep. 

When I awoke, I decided to take a different way back out of my forest sit spot. Looking for a walnut shell that the flying squirrels leave behind. They make a great conversation piece and wanted one for my friend. Instead I found 100s of white and a few black feathers. A bird had been eaten and found part of its carcass. I then gave thanks to this bird, for it gave up its life to sustain another. Sang a short song for it to rest in peace.  A great day that was filled with a lot of gratitude and thanks. 

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