Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Whispers from the Fir Trees

As I walk to my sit spot across the freshly plowed fields, I am called with a whisper of the fir trees to come to the North East of the woodlot. I normally sit to the East under a big walnut tree, but today, I made my way to a depression under a fir tree.

It has been a busy and stressful year, my body and soul took the brunt of it and now all signs are pointing to a more peaceful and healthy year. It has taken its toll though, and now I am healing holistically with my mind, body and soul.

That is what it felt the firs were whispering to me. Sweet encouragment to come and join them and enjoy the peace they were feeling today. So I did, I walked over and sat under one of the largest trees. Its long trunk reaching far into the sky towering over all the other trees and outstretching it branches.

It was windy and as I leaned my back onto the trunk, I could feel it moving, swaying back and forth with the wind. Like it was dancing with the wind, so I decided to close my eyes and enjoy the dance. I envisioned the roots of the fir tree, solid in the earth. Like a foundation it doesn't move, no matter what is going on up above, it stays put, rooted in the soil and keeps the tree from falling over. I take note, that  it is like me, through my own jouney of building my own foundation, through guidance from my mentors, questions asked, events, experiences, revelations and emotions, I have built a strong foundation of who I am. And that looking back on those experiences and events that have happened to me in the last few years and this year, I see that when I resisted them, I felt broken, defeated and overwhelmed. Like when I let all the stress get to me. But when I finally realized that all those things did not define me, that I can accept them for what they are, bend with them and let them blow through me, I was ok. I was not so broken or defeated. I could reflect and process and move on. I could even be thankful for the lessons and growth that occurred through it all.

So today, I would like to give gratitude to the trees. Thank you trees for reminding me that through building a solid foundation of your own character and sense of self, things that happen and obstacles that come up are part of life and to get through it, you bend and let the yucky stuff flow through and bend with the rest.

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