Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Taking the Sense Meditation to a New Level

Tonight my daughter wanted to join me in my sense meditation. What is a sense meditation you ask? Well it is where you focus on each of your senses one by one adding them to the next. 

First you start with your sight, since it is the most dominant one we use. Focusing on a spot in front of you and slowly bring your awareness to above, below, to the left and to the right, without moving your eyes. Using your peripheral vision. Then you use your hearing, listening all around you to all the sounds you hear. Then you pair it up to your sight awareness. 

Once you feel comfortable with that, you add your sense of touch, feeling the wind, the bugs that land on you, where the wind is coming, or the sun hitting your skin. Adding that to the other senses until you feel comfortable. 

The last sense is the sense of smell, breathing in deeply and noticing what you are smelling, the trees, the car that passes by, the dirt etc. As you are aware of the different smells, you add it to the rest. With all your senses on fire, you open up and use all of them together for as long as you want. 

With my daughter, it wasn't very long, but she did the sense meditation for about 10 minutes. Pretty good for a child. Then she wanted to play in the cornfields. So we ran walked out of our spot into the cornfields and started making our way home. 

I asked her questions like what she is hearing, how she would know the way home. Since it was getting dark, what markers would she use to tell her which way was home. And to my proud mommy moment, she answered "the street lights and the trees.... and the sun going down" Such a smart girl. 

As we came out of the second last field of corn, my daughter lets out a blood-curdling scream that she cut her leg... then that something was in her pants!!! WHAT!!!.... She yells, "It's a FROG!!!!! AAAAAA it is scratching me and biting me! It running up and down my leg! Get my pants off!!!!"

Now I am freaking out as I am feeding off her terror and as I am trying frantically to pull her pants off, this THING, whatever it was, was running up and down her leg. I am now assuming it was a mouse. 

As we got out of the long grass and onto the edge of the cornfield, and safe from the running up and down animal in her pants, we both started to laugh. "Well that was terrifying!" my daughter says to me. And I reply "That brings the whole sense mediation to a whole new level! Manifesting the sense of touch..." 

We are laughing now about it. Luckily, it hasn't deterred her and she asked to do it again tomorrow... minus the mouse in the pant leg.

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