Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is this the Hungry Caterpillar?

On our adventure today, we looked at the edge of the water to see if we could see any frogs. They all seemed to be hiding, but as we turned, a little caterpillar decided to attach themselves onto one of us.

A half an hour of exploring this small creature followed.
All other thoughts for the day were forgotten for the moment, and following the interest of the child,  we explored it legs and prolegs, remembered the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and went through the stages of a caterpillar. The look of connection between the story and the caterpillar and that this little creature would spin a cocoon and become a moth or butterfly was magical.

The prolegs were a hit as one little one thought they were suction cups like an octopus. And as it crawled up the arms and back down again, the little explorers wiggled and giggled in delight.

Here is a short clip of two of the Young Explorers passing the caterpillar to each other and talking about getting on a leaf and eating dinner.

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