Monday, 13 June 2011


When we pulling into the driveway of The Boar and Chick (@TheBoarandChick), my daughter screamed "HORSES!!!" right in my ear. In my mind I noted to be sure to warn my daughter when we are going somewhere that has horses. It almost did permanent damage to my eardrum. LOL

Farmer Tania greeted us all as we started filing in. Farmer Mark would be joining us later as he was on his way back from the farmer's market, where he sells Black Walnut Lane and The Boar and Chick product at the Milton Farmer's Market. 

It was raining a bit, but that didn't stop us. The kids had a great time running up and down the patio path into the barn and watching the pigs run in and out of the barn. The pigs on this farm were not the pink ones we are most familiar with... they were black pigs, Berkshire Boars. They loved the rain, because you know what rain brings right? MUD! 

It didn't take much to get the kids interested in going inside the barn. All Tania had to say was there were piglets inside and the kids ran in. They were so cute, so tiny and black and white, staying all cozy and warm under the heat lamp.  Tania picked one up and it started to squeal. Once Tania held the pig from it's leg it stopped.  you would think that was cruel, but we quickly learned that it didn't hurt the pig at all and it actually kept everyone safe as a squealing pig can alert mama. And you don't want mama pig to get upset.

As Tania tucked the piglet under her arm, she asked if anyone would like to kiss a pig. Wouldn't you guess that one little girl shot her hand up and yelled "I WILL!" And she DID! ha ha, was comical. Don't people raise money to see this kind of thing... hmmmm, now there is a fundraising idea. OK OK, off topic off topic.

We then climbed the stairs to where the chickens are kept. I love chickens. When I was a child, I would sit for hours holding the chickens. The children got an opportunity to collect eggs, looking in the nesting boxes for eggs and placing them in the basket was great fun. Then they all got to hold a chicken. They loved it.

After everyone had the opportunity to hold a chicken, we all braved the rain and headed down to the creek that ran through the property. It was beautiful! We learned about their pond that held a variety of fish, a spot where deer laid down for the night and a big tree that the beavers were working on taking down. It was impressive to see the work they were doing to fell this large tree. And then we walked to where it's lodge was. We could see deer and beaver tracks in the mud. It was very cool.  

As we head on back, we got a real treat. Something I have never tried before and I can almost guarantee you have never tried either. If you have, I want to know about it. They were called Oinkers. A name given by a friend's daughter. It is chocolate covered bacon... yep, you read that right, chocolate covered bacon. Don't knock it till you have tried it. Well doesn't everything taste yummy dipped in chocolate?  If you ever get an opportunity to try it. Do, it is very yummy.

Thank you Tania and Mark for opening up your farm and showing us your little piece of paradise. See you at the next market.

Enjoy the slide show of our tour of The Boar and Ch


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